Iannella Masonry Construction, of Hillsborough, New Jersey, is an established concrete and masonry company focusing on new construction and repairs for condominiums, townhouses, community associations, municipalities and commercial properties, for almost 30 years.

At Iannella Masonry Construction, our goal is to create lasting relationships built on the client trust and satisfaction. We build that trust by creating and maintaining high-quality masonry design and construction, as well as, consistently expanding the knowledge of our craft, the skills of our team members and a devotion to fulfill the needs of our clients.

A second-generation company, Iannella Masonry Construction is known for their quality care and attention to detail. They utilize top quality, turf friendly equipment, which is specialized for moving material on and off grassy surfaces with a minimal amount of damage – and they know the importance of keeping job sites clean and manageable. They take pride in finishing a project on time and bringing each job a level of established experience, high standards and a reliable reputation.

This expertise has made Iannella Masonry Construction highly sought after by area home owner associations, municipalities and commercial properties. Iannella Masonry Construction works exclusively with townhouse associations, engineering firms, as well as,top contractors, in Central New Jersey. Iannella’s crew demolishes and replaces all types of masonry including: sidewalks, patios, driveways, and steps in various materials including: brick, concrete, block and stone.

Home Owners Associations

We understand that Home Owner Associations need to maintain a large amount of concrete, stone and brickwork. At Iannella Masonry Construction, we work with numerous Associations to ensure proper maintenance, in a timely manner to keep residents happy and safe. We also understand that a lot of the problems are in areas that are difficult to get to. We utilize top level equipment to minimize the amount of ground damage -- allowing us to handle even the most difficult job..

Commercial Services

Rejuvenate your commercial properties when you surround them with the beauty of Iannella’s pristine masonry and/or concrete. Replacing existing or adding new, we provide that distinctive touch of class, while recreating a safe walking path for the public. We utilize top level equipment to minimize the amount of ground damage -- allowing us to handle even the most difficult job.