About Us

Iannella Masonry Construction started almost 30 years ago as a second source of income, for Tony Iannella, when he came over from Italy . Iannella, a union mason by trade, took pride in completing projects the traditional way, by hand. Tony believed that the only way to provide a quality product was to lay each brick himself, paying special attention to detail.

Having worked alongside his father for years as a child Tony’s son, Sandro, took over the family business and maintains the same business model to this very day. The second generation of Iannella Masonry Construction is known for their quality care and attention to detail. With Sandro’s guidance, Iannella Masonry has increased company performance and the size of the business.

He continues to maintain all the qualities learned through the years of first being a laborer, then a mason, to being the lead masonry company in our area. Iannella Masonry Constructions utilizes top quality, turf friendly equipment, which is specialized for moving material on and off grassy surfaces with a minimal amount of damage – and they know the importance of keeping job sites clean and manageable. They take pride in finishing a project on time and bringing each job a level of established experience, high standards and a reliable reputation.

This expertise has made Iannella Masonry Construction highly sought after by area associations, local residents, area municipalities and other contractors. Iannella Masonry Construction’s mission is to create lasting relationships built on client trust and satisfaction.

We build that trust by creating and maintain high-quality masonry design and construction, as well as, consistently expanding the knowledge of our craft, the skills of our team members and a devotion to fulfill the needs of our clients.

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